GWT TOURS undertakes to treat your Personal Information with maximum privacy, confidentiality and security.


The travel management and activities included in the program are responsibility of GWT TOURS Unipessoal, Lda., established in Alcobaça, Portugal.


At the time of booking, customer will be charged the necessary amount so that it can be made, never less than 50% of the total price given by GWT TOURS and according to the conditions established by suppliers. The remaining 50% must be paid up to 30 days before the start of the service, unless otherwise stated. If the booking takes place 30 days or less from the date of the beginning of the service, the total price must be paid at the time, being the confirmation of all services subject to confirmation from suppliers.

GWT TOURS reserves the right to cancel any booking whose payment has not been made under the conditions mentioned above. Bookings are only confirmed after GWT TOURS information Customers must support transfer amount fees.
International transfer fees are not included.


Program prices are quoted in Euros, based on the costs of the services and rates. Are subject to changes whenever there are exchange rate fluctuation. Whenever there is a change in the price, the customer will be informed immediately and can choose, within the established period, accepting the increase amount or cancel their registration under the same terms and conditions as provided in the item “Changes and cancellations”.


When the program depends on a minimum number of participants, GWT TOURS reserves the right to cancel the BOOKING if the minimum number of participants is not verified, being customers informed in writing of the cancellation within 8 days.

If, due to circumstances beyond GWT TOURS, we are unable to comply with any of the services contained in the program, customer may cancel the booking and be immediately reimbursed for all amounts paid or accept a program change and possible price change.

By reasons not attributable to GWT TOURS, routes may change order, departure times can be modified or replaced and any of the hotels provided can change by others of the same category and similar location, informing the customer of the changes.

If allowed by suppliers, the customer may change his booking for another trip or other possible change, subject to change expenses. If not possible, it will be subject to the expenses set out in the item “Cancellation Expenses”.


Customer may cancel the booking at any time and must notify GWT TOURS in writing of this intention, being returned the amounts paid subject to deduction of the following expenses: Management costs for bookings and a percentage that can go up to 50% of the total price. When the cancellation is made less than one week of the service incurs 100% of expenses. Non-refundable expenses for service providers (in particular hotels, land transport, seafarers and guide visits). Expenses with air tickets when they are subject to specific conditions and cannot be reimbursed after they have been issued.


Customers must have personal or family documentation updated and in order (passport, identity card or citizen’s card, authorization for minors, visas, certificate of vaccines and others that may be required).

The agency declines all responsibility for loss, theft, loss of customer personal documents, refused visas, or not being allowed to enter in Portugal or a foreign country, and any cost incurred by the customer.

Travel in the European Union: Customers from EU countries must have their ID document. Customers from non-EU countries should consult specific information regarding the documentation necessary for travel in their embassies/consulates in the origin countries. Travel outside the European Union: Customers from EU countries must have their passport and visa, if necessary. Customers from non-EU countries should consult specific information regarding the documentation necessary for travel in their embassies/consulates in the origin countries.


Customers must contract life, health, medical, pharmaceutical and for loss and damaged luggage. It is the responsibility of the insurer and not GWT TOURS any damage to the physical integrity, health and values of its passengers.


Once the travel program starts, there are no refunds for unused services by customers.

Failure by GWT TOURS to provide services included in the program, and if it is not possible to replace them with other equivalents, gives customer the right to be reimbursed for the difference between the price of the service and those actually provided.

GWT TOURS is not responsible for problems caused by natural causes, policies, road accidents, strikes, wars or acts of terrorism, other reasons of a greater order or delays, alterations or cancellations of air flights due to technical, mechanical or meteorological circumstances, which make impossible to carry out the services in due time.


Complaints must be submitted in writing to GWT TOURS within a maximum of 30 days after the end of the service, and reported to service providers during the course of the trip, requiring supporting documents informing the occurrence, otherwise they will not be accepted by GWT TOURS.


The indicated categories of accommodation are in accordance with local criteria and rankings, which may change from country to country.

Hotels indicated in the program are subject to changes and may be substituted by others of similar category. If accommodation is not possible at the provided place, customers will be placed in hotels of the same category or higher in the nearest town.

The given price is per person and is based on a double occupancy, with private bathroom. If there are no triple rooms, the hotels usually place an extra bed that may not have the same quality as the rest of the room or in the rooms equipped with two beds or double.

Rooms can be used from 2 pm on the day of arrival and must be left free until 12 am on the day of departure.


The total meals included in the program will be served according to the times and menus indicated, for all participants.


Departure and arrival times are indicated in local time of the respective country and may therefore be subject to changes. The hours indicated in the itinerary are approximate. The agreed time of departure must be respected in order to ensure the service, with no resulting responsibility for GWT TOURS.

Any change of flight schedule should be communicated 24 hours in advance by email or phone, otherwise the agency will not assume any responsibility.

GWT TOURS is not responsible for any claim and refund when the information regarding flight schedules is given wrongly or insufficiently by the customer.


In case of luggage damage during the transportation program, the complaint must be made in writing to the transport supplier, informing GWT TOURS immediately after checking the damage.

Special luggage – any luggage/volume with specific characteristics (surfboards, golf bags, wheelchairs, animal transport bags, among others) will always be considered as special luggage and must be communicated together with their dimensions and weight to GWT TOURS, otherwise the agency may refuse to transport them. Responsibility for values – GWT TOURS is not liable for damages, theft of luggage, documents or other valuables during the trip. It is recommended special care with luggage and request information in the hotel about the existence of safes.


Transfers do not include guide, only driver. The driver will remain at the pick-up point until 60 minutes past the scheduled time. For longer delays the driver may not wait for the passengers. without the right to reimbursement for unused services.

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