GWT Radio Guides in Portugal offers you a new service that will be a valuable tool in optimizing group-guide communication, allowing quality information during visits to monuments or other places of national interest and also in meetings, conferences or seminars.

In order to respond to a need, Gowestours offers radio guides for rental and purchase. Nowadays we see an increase in the use of Radio Guides in our monuments, museums, conferences, tours, among other places. This way the quality for all the participants is guaranteed … quality for who speaks, for who hears and for those who passes by. Now it is already possible to rent or buy Radio Guides in Central Portugal without major complications! Contact us for more information or visit our Facebook page.

What are the advantages of using the Radio Guides?

– Greater clarity of speech of the speaker in situations of external noise (double headsets)
– Guarantee a visit with quality indoors and outdoors
– Adjustable volume to the needs of each one, avoiding the loss of information by the receiver
– The receiver can move freely during the visit, to observe details in a more meticulous way or to take photos, thanks to the capacity of reach that the equipment allows
– There is no need for the guide to wait for the whole group to gather and to transmit information, he can do it consistently during the visit
– End of cross-talk between the various guides and visitors
– Prevent people outside the group from infiltrating to listen to the guide’s explanations
– Allows for more positive feedback from the places you visited

Features of our Radio Guides

Frequency range 2400-2480 MHz (EU standards)
Channel options – 80 channels
Range range – up to 170 meters

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Booking Enquiries

Booking Enquiries

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