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Are you ready to experience water hover board?! Just choose how you want to do it:  Flyboard, Hoverboard or Jetpack.

Ever imagined flying over water? Now you can do it in complete safety. Come discover the fantastic sensation of freedom and adrenaline

What is? This is a plank attached to a high pressure hose connected to the jet ski turbine, functioning as a water pump that directs the jet down the hose, propelling the passenger up or in the direction that he wants it once the jet that is controlled similarly to skateboarding.

15 min – 70 €

30 min – 90 €

60 min – 150 € (máx 3 persons)

NOTES: The accomplishment of the activities is conditioned to a minimum number of participants and to the meteorological conditions. In case of impossibility of carrying out the activities, new dates are booked. The prices quoted include VAT at the legal rate.

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All about the Flyboard / Hoverboard / Jetpack – NAZARÉ.



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